Nexidée GmbH is an international procurement office

specializing in German-speaking countries


Nexidée GmbH represents Francophone procurement services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and is the perfect solution for private or public organizations wishing to make use of opportunities available in a dynamic and effective supply market without spending the resources needed to establish a permanent market presence.



We act on behalf of several economic operators and our clients benefit from our knowledge of the supplier market as well as its trends.

Our knowledge of the current macro and micro economic situation in German-speaking countries, and our expertise in purchasing allow us to provide solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of buyers using our services.

We are constantly building upon our expertise in the fields of research, supplier qualification and auditing, contract negotiation (commercial and research and development contracts), bilingual contract management, organization of business trips for Francophone buyers, and the publication of thematic and sector reports.



Through its work with mergers and acquisitions, Nexidée GmbH is also highly competent when it comes to assessing the competitive environment.


Nexidée GmbH offers the following services:


Sourcing potential suppliers
Assessing suppliers based on our client’s requirements or based on our 12 audit criteria. The supplier must:
  - Have a strategy compatible with that of the client
  - Display a level of technical and technological competence
  - Be able to adapt to changes in demand
  - Follow a business strategy, demonstrate a level of social responsibility, and act ethically
  - Support research and development; have a plan in place for product and service renewal
  - Show proof of financial strength
  - Conduct business within an acceptable social climate
  - Have a suitable supplier and subcontractor network
  - Produce a risk management plan
  - Maintain client portfolio
  - Have in place a distribution and commercial network, customer service
  - Ensure the security and safety of individuals, information and property
(A complete list of auditing and assessment criteria is available to our clients.)

Drafting and negotiation of contracts; dispute resolution
• Catalogue development and maintenance
Procurement monitoring, continual assessment of supplier performance, and implementation of improvement plans
• Organization of business trips for purchasers, quality control managers, and technicians
Contract reviews, negotiation of improvement plans, and support of their implementation
• Guarantee compliance with contract terms
Supplier risk assessment, stress tests, and providing suitable responses



To ensure that your calls for tender are successful, we will manage the supplier solicitation and response campaigns; we will also translate and disseminate the request for proposal.

We can provide companies that are planning to expand their business into German-speaking countries with a list of local suppliers, advice on the best purchasing strategy for decentralised purchases, and purchaser training.


For more detailed information, please visit our French and German websites.

Feel free to contact us by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.